Do Millennials use travel agents? You bet they do!

Last updated February 20, 2024

Here’s something that you can add to your folder of travel facts about Millennials: they are increasingly abandoning the convenience of vacation rentals in favour of traditional travel agents. This shift represents a departure from the travel habits of previous generations, making Millennials much more likely to turn to traditional travel agents than Gen X and Boomers who are still largely relying on the ease of booking accommodations online. This trend begs the question: why are more Millennials turning to travel agents, and what benefits do they find in this more traditional approach to travel planning?

Decoding Millennial travel preferences

Customer experience matters

Millennials, who are known for their emphasis on experiences, are finding that vacation rental properties often fall short in delivering satisfactory customer experiences. One key factor is the lack of full-time staff at these properties. For Millennials, customer satisfaction is paramount, and any issues that cannot be swiftly resolved tarnish their stays. This has led them to seek the reliability and support offered by travel agents.

The mixed bag of vacation rental property owners

When choosing between vacation rentals vs travel agents, the unpredictability of vacation rental property owners adds another layer of uncertainty for Millennials. Relying on reviews alone does not guarantee a seamless experience, as the best properties are often booked far in advance. This uncertainty prompts Millennials to opt for the expertise and personalised service that travel agents can provide, offering a level of assurance that vacation rental properties may lack.

Distrust in global corporations

Millennials are showing a growing distrust of large global corporations, and this sentiment extends to the popular vacation rental platform, Airbnb. As Millennials seek authenticity and a connection to local communities, they are more inclined to support local businesses. Travel agents, often representing local agencies, align with this Millennial preference for supporting smaller, more community-oriented enterprises.

How you can accommodate Millennial travel preferences:

Exceptional customer service

One of the primary reasons Millennials are turning to travel agents is the promise of excellent customer service. Unlike the impersonal nature of many vacation rental platforms, you, the travel agent, can provide a more human touch. Millennials appreciate that you are readily available to address concerns, answer questions, and ensure a smooth travel experience.

Valuable recommendations

Travel agents leverage their expertise to offer valuable recommendations tailored to individual preferences. Whether it’s suggesting unique local experiences, hidden gems, or the best dining options, you go beyond the generic suggestions often found on vacation rental platforms.

Diverse accommodation options 

As a travel agent, you have access to a wide range of accommodation options that travellers may not have considered themselves. This opens up possibilities for unique stays, boutique hotels, and lesser-known gems that might not be readily available through mainstream booking platforms.

Emergency support

In the unpredictable world of travel, emergencies can arise. Travel agents like you play a crucial role in providing emergency support, offering peace of mind to travellers. Whether it’s a missed flight, a sudden change in plans, or unforeseen challenges, having a reliable contact for assistance can make a significant difference.

So, why do Millennials use travel agents?

The Millennial shift from vacation rentals to travel agents reflects a desire for a more personalised, reliable, and community-oriented travel experience. With a focus on customer service, valuable recommendations, diverse accommodation options, and emergency support, travel agents are regaining popularity among the Millennial generation. 

As Millennials joyfully embrace the personalised and authentic experiences offered by travel agents, a key ally emerges to further elevate their adventures – Global Accommodation. As the perfect partner for travel agents like you, Global Accommodation aligns seamlessly with the desires of Millennial travellers, providing an extensive array of accommodation options that cater to their diverse tastes and preferences. 

With this dynamic collaboration between you and Global Accommodation, you can effortlessly meet the ever-evolving needs of Millennial wanderers, ensuring that each journey becomes not just a trip but a tailor-made, unforgettable experience.

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