Are you suffering from permanent travel agent’s jet lag?

Last updated November 9, 2023

Sometimes life can feel like you just have too many tabs open with travel agents juggling clients and suppliers across countries, continents and time zones. It requires agility, great project management skills and most importantly, excellent customer service. The era of hybrid work and in-person office life can feel like there’s a lot to adapt to. Clients are more eager to adventure and understand the importance of taking a break but also, want more from travel professionals. Travel agents are at the forefront of navigating both increased demand and customers who want a tailored travel experience.

Sitting in front of a screen, meeting with clients or being on calls all day can feel like you’ve been around the world and back. Global Accommodation is here to ease this process and offer tangible options to travel agents, through extensive resources and support systems that’ll feel like you’re closing your tabs one by one. Job done? Check. Your client? Booking one more trip!

Language barrier + travel = crossed wires 

No matter how sophisticated your smartphone or laptop is, making contact with clients or suppliers abroad can be a mission. In 2022, we’re more connected than ever, but life happens. Before you get to a potential language barrier (ciao!), there’s a chance that getting hold of clients or their suppliers can prove to be challenging. Most importantly, anything can happen on an international trip, no matter how much you prepare. A connecting flight has a serious delay? That’s bound to cause an accommodation problem! Planning is essential but dealing with emergencies, both big and small, is expected.

All around the world (with a nap please!)

Instagram makes travel look polished and aspirational but oftentimes there are parts of it that are tiring. Packing up life in a suitcase and getting to have an adventure is simply one-of-a-kind. But moving from place to place can feel overwhelming, even when it’s from the confines of your own office. When you’re dealing with customers who want to be halfway around the world, all around the globe  – it feels like you’re on their trip before they embark on that first flight.

It’s 5 pm somewhere, right? 

Or it’s 2 am and you’re on a call to a supplier in one timezone and organising a call with another at 8 pm later that night. Time zones are simply a part of travel and working in this industry, but it doesn’t mean it gets any easier. Travel agents are on-the-go, juggling countries, continents, and the regulations/customs in each country. The reality is, missing crucial hours or having a severe language barrier can mean a missed opportunity to secure a spot before it’s all booked up. Timing is everything, but when you’re all across the world at once, all you are is tired.

We’ve got the answer

With over a decade of experience in the travel industry, Global Accommodation has solutions to support travel agents effectively. You can’t contact a supplier due to a timezone difference issue? Global Accommodation has built relationships with over 930 000 accommodation providers around the world, offering you and your client almost unlimited options. If you think about it, that’s the FNB Stadium filled to capacity, ten times over.

Our dedicated Stay Specialists are here to assist and give you peace of mind. No matter the timezone or country, there’s a friendly and efficient consultant on hand to confirm bookings and provide up-to-date details.

Choosing Global Accommodation to accompany you and your clients means having a seamless experience. No more feeling like you’re playing catch-up with clients or suppliers. Travel agent’s jet lag is a regular occurrence in the travel world, but Global Accommodation is here to be a trusted resource, and with absolute peace of mind you’ll wonder what made you wait this long.

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