Are You Ready for the Stack Attack? How Travel Agents Can Respond to the Trip Stacking Trend

Last updated November 9, 2023

Are you ready to stack attack

In life, having a solid backup plan for, well, almost anything is always encouraged. Whether it’s an inverter for when your loadshedding kicks in or a ready-to-eat meal in case the Nigella recipe you’re attempting to execute flops, a proverbial “plan B” is the way to go. Because, let’s face it, no matter how much we may believe in or adequately prepare for something, relying solely on “plan A” is usually a recipe for disaster, sometimes quite literally (remember that famous “unsinkable” ship?). But as life becomes increasingly challenging and unpredictable, it seems as though a “plan B” might not cut it anymore.

In fact, many travellers learnt this the hard way with their holiday plans being thwarted by pandemic-related travel restrictions, last-minute flight cancellations and touch-and-go border control. Their solution? The increasingly popular trip stacking trend.

What is trip stacking?

As many people have been itching to travel extensively after lockdowns and restrictions stopped them from acting on that travel bug bite, they’ve resorted to trip stacking to guarantee themselves at least one vacay.

Essentially, it means travellers are booking multiple trip options for the same vacation slot. That way, if their cruise is cancelled because a certain infectious virus has resurfaced with a vengeance, they can still enjoy a backup getaway of sorts. But if something gets in the way of the backup getaway, they have a staycation to look forward to. And if the staycation is… you get the point.

In short, travellers are coming up with plan Bs, Cs and sometimes even Ds to ensure nothing gets in the way of them enjoying a well-earned holiday.

Are you prepared for the stack attack?

As a travel agent, you already know that planning and executing a single holiday for your client comes with challenges and frustrations, especially since more and more customers are looking for custom travel experiences. But, with the rise of trip stacking, those challenges have multiplied, and all those balls you’re used to juggling will suddenly increase 2-, 3-, or even, 5-fold, depending on how many trips your client is wanting to stack.

Trip stackers will rely heavily on flexibility to drive decision-making in their travels. This means you will have to have on-hand knowledge about cancellation policies and payment processes for a number of travel options, as your client will want to pay for and change their plans according to their preferences.

Then, of course, they will require information and advice regarding the Ts&Cs around cancelling trips and possible penalties. Discerning trip stackers are more likely to opt for travel options that offer an added layer of consumer protection.

Lastly, it’s about the all-important refund, as you can expect quite a few refund requests from trip stackers. Travellers will want to know when, how and if they will receive refunds for whichever of their trips they cross off their options list. Unexpected penalties or chargebacks will definitely not make your client happy.

The question is: do you have a backup plan? The good news is you don’t need one!

You don’t need a plan B when Global Accommodation is your plan A

Okay, okay, we know we said that only having a plan A is a recipe for disaster, but there are always exceptions to the rule, right?

As Stay Specialists, we’re the go-to experts for made-to-fit travel experiences and accommodation packages, and yes, we can assist with trip stacking these offerings as well. In addition to constant feedback on the status of your requests, quick bookings (even if they’re last-minute) and access to one of our consultants for after-hours emergencies, we also take the responsibility and accept the risk of paying hotels abroad. What’s more, when booking multiple trips over the same slot, you’ll want the peace of mind of having a fast and intuitive accommodation booking portal at your disposal, and that’s where our StayGlobal platform comes in. You’ll be able to find and customise your client’s accommodation quickly and easily.

So, with Global Accommodation in your corner, you’ll be ready for that stack attack every time.

Find out more about how Global Accommodation’s leisure and business travel solution works.

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