Who says you can’t mix business and leisure?

Last updated April 20, 2023

What do bromances, rom-coms and the metaverse have in common? Besides sounding hilarious, these expressions were created by combining the meanings of two words and are now part of our day-to-day life. In 2022, bleisure travel is part of the travel industry vocabulary, and there’s nothing bleh about mixing business and leisure.

In the current climate, travellers understand that the chance to explore a new city is one that is worth taking. In an effort to maximise time abroad, business clients can have a variety of requests that seem out of this world. From asking about adding a spouse to a work trip to requirements for sunny weather when the booking is in the middle of winter – you’ve definitely heard it all.

Customised travel adventures to remember
Global Accommodation is the perfect companion for travel agents who are putting together expert accommodation packages. In the space where experiences trump things, having a customised travel adventure is one that simply cannot be beaten. We provide access to additional accommodation services that enhance the traveller’s experience.

Whether you’re looking to book corporate or leisure accommodation offerings, we have access to over 900 000 properties – and there is something for everyone!

Reliable 24/7 support to help you close the deal
As we see more companies resume business travel activity, it makes sense to send a team over to negotiate deals or give context that simply can’t happen over a Zoom call. In the midst of sourcing suppliers for clients, no travel agent wants to have to deal with a booking going wrong.

Global Accommodation helps by removing that risk and providing agents with the support they need to make clients happy. We pride ourselves on having a response time that’s expertly efficient. Last-minute bookings? We’d love to handle them.

As efficient as technology is, it simply can’t replace having someone helping you on the phone to have peace of mind. Global Accommodation has reliable 24/7 support with Stay Specialists ready to assist you or your traveller if a booking emergency springs up.

Access to all the necessary travel suppliers in one place
Let’s face it, time is money and when trying to get the logistics wrapped up, you don’t want any slip-ups.

Does your client want a five-star experience, accommodation in a particular location and conference facilities that’ll house their entire team? And they decided this an hour ago? No problem! Need prompt airport transfers or shuttle services for a bigger group? We’ve got you.

Global Accommodation can be a vital resource for having complete peace of mind in complex bookings. We’re a “one-stop shop” with access to trustworthy, efficient international suppliers in the travel industry to ensure our agents get the best deals.

Our Stay Specialists can provide consistent updates on the status of your requests, ensuring that you’re informed throughout the process. We take away the guesswork and you can ensure your client stays happy.

Why choose Global Accommodation?
Global Accommodation provides expert and hassle-free service to travel agents. We offer tailored, customised solutions with 24/7 support from our consultants. Most importantly, we aim to minimise risk so you and your traveller get the best value for your time and money.

Learn more about how we can streamline your client’s made-to-fit travel adventure.

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