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Last updated November 9, 2023

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Now that the pandemic has been over for almost a year, more and more suits are taking advantage of their company’s Business Class benefit and flying to international destinations and business hubs to schmooze clients, attend conferences and close fancy deals. This must be quite a relief for these business folk, as the days of travelling solely from the bedroom to the home office, only dressed in business attire from the waist up seem long gone. Yes, we haven’t forgotten all those viral videos of people forgetting their Zoom cameras were on and standing up at the end of meetings only to reveal their Snoopy-themed underwear to colleagues and clients. We can safely say we’re glad those days are over and that the time for business travel accommodation is back.

So, let’s take a look at some of the top hotels in Europe with boardrooms, workstations and conference facilities, and highlight some other stand-out features of the hotels, too. If you’re interested in one of our business travel accommodation solutions, don’t worry we’ll get your client set up in one of these hotels.

Top Hotels and Accommodation for Business Travel in Europe


The King George Hotel in Athens

This luxurious hotel sits pretty in the heart of the Greek capital. Featuring a penthouse suite that occupies the hotel’s entire ninth floor and boasting a terrace with a private swimming pool and stunning view of the Parthenon, the King George Hotel is aimed at those high-flying execs with very, um, generous expense accounts. It also features a dedicated Business Centre, which includes two workstations with high-speed Internet, printers, scanners, and complimentary office supplies.


The Gran Hotel La Florida G.L Monumento in Barcelona

This 5-star accommodation spot is definitely a jewel on the northeastern coast of Spain. The luxury hotel in Barcelona features high-speed internet and free WiFi, which means business travellers won’t have any issues staying connected to their clients and colleagues. Not to mention, after a long day of deal-making, there are rest-and-relaxation facilities, like a L’Occitane Spa, sauna, pressure showers and jacuzzis, to make the most of at the hotel.


The Das Stue Luxury Boutique Hotel in Berlin

Imagine the most beautiful home away from home, and then add an additional layer of opulence. Set in a 1930s Danish embassy building, the Das Stue hotel is perfect for visitors on business trips, as it features an array of meeting spots, from the more casual settings, like the appropriately named Casual Restaurant and various bars and terraces, to the more formal spaces, like a private dining salon and an elegant library. Oh, and did we mention it’s super close to Zoo Berlin, which is home to the only giant pandas in Germany?


The Mitre, Hampton Court in London

Taking a business trip to London? Well, the Mitre Hotel, which is under a 40-minute commute from central London by car or train, is the perfect upmarket gathering place for an off-site overnight meeting or strategy day for important delegates. In addition to a number of meeting and conference rooms, the stunning hotel also offers delegate packages. There’s a Day Delegate Package, which includes the use of AV and conference facilities, three food breaks and unlimited tea and coffee. Then, the 24-hr Delegate Package includes overnight accommodation and a three-course meal.


Our Business Travel Accommodation Solutions: How Travel Agents can Help Their Business Travellers Seal the Deal

Business people will be the first to tell you that time is money,  so when your corporate travellers come to you for last-minute bookings and information on reliable business accommodation options, you’ll be expected to have the answers at your fingertips. Thankfully, Global Accommodation can take that pressure off of you. With our team of destination experts and ability to handle bookings of any size with ease, you’ll be able to find your client a business travel solution before you can finish saying “Snoopy underwear”.

Find out more about how Global Accommodation’s business travel accommodation solutions work.

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