What travel agents should look for in a top accommodation aggregator

Last updated April 20, 2023

All it takes is the tap of a button on your smartphone and you can get (almost) anything you need. Convenience and technology remain a core part of our lives, but with this added ease, there’s more chance for, well, chancers. With all the accommodation aggregator sites out there, travel agents might have a hard time finding the one that’s just right for them. Let us take you through all the things you should look for in a top accommodation booking platform and why we believe StayGlobal fits the bill.

An accommodation booking platform made for travel agents

In 2022, we’re all about experiences over things. Clients want a customised travel journey that gives them a once-in-a-lifetime memorable experience. This is a difficult task with most accommodation aggregation sites that have a poor variety when it comes to the options available. Some clients are looking for a niche accommodation option, from boutique hotels with Instagrammable views to palatial rooms that have enough space to house an entire family. Whether you love the crisp white sheets of a hotel or want that rustic lived-in feel of a bed and breakfast, you need options, and loads of them… like, say, 950000+?

Another thing that makes most accommodation aggregators a no-go for travel agents is that they are often made for the benefit of the hotelier or host, and not for the traveller (and definitely not the travel agent). Travel agents need options that can be booked at a lower rate than the travel consumer can get. They need an accommodation booking platform where they are the winners and can set their commission before the client sees the quoted price – this way they get lower rates and can achieve lower rates for their clients too. Who doesn’t love a win-win?

Up-to-date hotel accommodation data 

In our day and age, who has time to sift through outdated travel and accommodation information (one reason why many travel agents feel like they are suffering from constant travel agent’s jet lag)? Most accommodation aggregator sites are known for not having the most accurate details – especially those where individual hosts upload their own information. Not only do many of these descriptions become outdated, but there is also no guarantee of active participation from the side of the host or hotelier. Your client doesn’t want to wait days on end for clarity on their booking.

And can you imagine that your client arrives at the lush bed and breakfast they’ve requested and there are no amenities, the check-in time is 3 hours later than stated online and there’s nowhere nearby to grab a bite to eat? Absolute disaster. Updated information is gold to travel agents; to avoid losing clients unnecessarily, they need a platform that won’t leave them wondering, or worse, doesn’t deliver on the description.

Great accommodation booking support

Customer service is how travel agents retain clients but that means that they need expert support, too. Most of the common aggregator sites don’t have sufficient customer support for clients or agents alike. And, if they do offer assistance, most of the client support is generated through chatbots and automated responses. While technology can be a lifesaver and streamline processes in certain instances, when you need information or are dealing with an accommodation emergency, it helps to have a 24/7 support agent who can offer more than the generic FAQ responses. Travel agents deserve quick responses and action taken on their unique challenges.

Accommodation according to the latest trends

As mentioned, clients want more out of their trips and are some of the first to notice the latest travel trends. It means knowing what countries are on the travel hot-lists, what experiences reign supreme and being able to offer hospitality options with premium facilities. Global Accommodation has both the resources and the relationships with international suppliers, and are able to keep tabs on what clients really want. That insider information is priceless for travel agents, as being able to provide a service your client asks for, and being able excel at it, is one way to ensure that clients keep returning.

Ready to change your accommodation booking platform? 

Now that you have seen all the things you’d want from a generic accommodation aggregator site – what platform should you choose?

Global Accommodation has you covered through StayGlobal. Global Accommodation has a multitude of hospitality offerings and decades of experience in this fast-paced industry.  That means dedicated long-term relationships with the best of the best, so you and your customer are getting premium options at lower prices around the world. Those relationships are key to knowing what the travel market is into right now, and to ensure you get speedy updates and personal support.

If you have any enquiries, you’ll have a real-life Stay Specialist who can answer your query, find solutions and provide information. No bots to be found anywhere! For an accommodation booking platform for travel agents, StayGlobal is a perfect choice. Dedicated, respected and with experience that simply can’t be beaten, the Global Accommodation team has you covered.

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