What is an accommodation wholesaler and how do they benefit travel agents?

Last updated April 20, 2023

The way we travel may have changed and evolved to keep up with the times, but the core fact remains: people will always love to explore their surroundings, both far and near. The hospitality industry is made up of a multitude of components that add to the overall experience, from travel agents who guide clients to the right destination, to the boutique hotel you stay at when you arrive. In a world of Airbnbs, house shares and couch surfing, the way we choose accommodation has shifted. One of the key components of the industry is accommodation wholesalers – but let’s start at the beginning – what are they?

Let’s unpack it. Accommodation wholesalers have access to and built up an extensive network of properties, both domestic and international. They are able to offer competitive rates, have established professional relationships and offer security to travel agents when they’re planning group or single bookings. The sheer volume of places also opens up a wide range of options for clients and agents alike.

The benefits of working with an accommodation wholesaler

The travel industry is increasingly competitive and travel agents are the first point of contact for eager clients. The reason that customers come to travel management services is to have access to professionals who have the knowledge they need. Travel agents have better access  to incredible experiences, cultural spaces and suppliers. Accommodation wholesalers are able to offer you a better rate and a wider variety of accommodation options, from niche bed & breakfasts to high-end hotels that spare no expense. It’s a way to cut through the crowd when it comes to finding the best deals for your client. Better deals = greater likelihood of you retaining a client. And in this day and age, making a sale is key but being able to stand out from the rest is what can create a solid relationship between you and your client.

It also saves you time and money overall. How? Well, think about it. If you can have more options on hand when you’re working with a picky client – it makes your process easier and keeps the client happy. They need conference facilities that have exceptional WiFi, and they want to see what a bustling global city has to offer. Having that information on hand and knowing your suppliers can be trusted to deliver? Priceless.

Incentives that work for you and your client 

One of the big perks of working with accommodation wholesalers are the lowered rates that they’re able to offer travel agents. These amazing discounts are so that travel professionals have access to more package options and thus, can offer more to their consumer base. At the end of the day, selling is great for both agent and client, with the agent generating commission with competitive quotes and the client getting the best deal for their next trip.

It’s time to pick the right accommodation wholesaler 

Now, beyond the wide variety of accommodation options and customisation of leisure or business stays – it’s really about the overall service for travel professionals.

As mentioned before, travel agents need efficiency, variety and exceptional support. Chat with our experienced StaySpecialists who can quickly help in case of emergencies, which unfortunately can’t be planned for. Think late airport transfers or missed flights and no matter the time zone – there’s efficient feedback and assistance that hits the mark.

According to a recent survey we carried out, 75% of travel agents who have used Global Accommodation’s StayGlobal platform, prefer it over any other booking platform they have used. And if the professionals approve, that’s all the feedback we need!

But find out for yourself and have a look at what we could do for you. Or get in touch with a StayGlobal agent to get you connected to the globe.

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