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Africa Uncovered: Insights from the Africa Travel Week Trend Report 2024

As an African travel agent, you know this beautiful, diverse and complex continent like the back of your hand. The landscapes, vibrant cultures and experiences...

November 22, 2023

Last updated November 22, 2023

The South African Travel Agent’s Guide to Planning a Paris Olympics Holiday

The excitement is building as the City of Lights, Paris, prepares to host the much-anticipated Olympic Games in 2024. As a South African travel…

November 1, 2023

Last updated November 1, 2023

Navigating the World of Travel: Top Skills for Travel Agents

Becoming a travel agent is an incredible journey – one where you get to showcase your remarkable skills that truly make you stand out…

October 17, 2023

Last updated May 10, 2024

Self-catering vs all-inclusive: How to steer your client in the right direction

As a travel agent, your mission is to curate the perfect travel experience for your clients. One of the big decisions they have to…

September 27, 2023

Last updated September 29, 2023

What is slow travel? A guide for travel agents

In a world that often seems to be moving at an accelerated pace, the concept of slow travel and tourism has emerged as a…

September 21, 2023

Last updated November 9, 2023

Hotels with Conferencing Facilities (And Other Must-Haves for Corporate Travellers)

As a travel agent working in a business travel agency, you understand the unique demands and expectations of corporate travellers. One crucial aspect of…

August 30, 2023

Last updated November 9, 2023

Elevate Your Travel Agency with a Global Hotel Database: Your Key to Worldwide Success

In the ever-evolving world of travel, staying ahead of the curve requires adaptability and access to innovative tools that can set your travel agency…