How travel agents can use automation in the industry to their advantage

Last updated November 9, 2023

With the rise of online booking platforms, chatbots, and accommodation automation, the landscape of travel is rapidly transforming. Something that remains unchanged, however, is the crucial role of the travel agent in the industry. 

The human touch of the travel agent simply cannot be replicated. Travel technology will only truly add value to travel clients when entrusted to travel professionals. Here are some of the ways you can use your expertise to complement the capabilities of accommodation automation and add that essential human touch to your client’s next booking: 

You can add value to travel clients by making research a breeze

The vast amount of information available online can easily overwhelm even the most seasoned travellers during the research phase of their trips. Fortunately, as a travel agent, you are adept at navigating this sea of information, which means you can save your clients valuable time. By leveraging your industry knowledge, you can curate customised itineraries, recommend suitable accommodations, and suggest unique experiences tailored to your client’s preferences and personalities. While accommodation automation streamlines the booking process, on its own it lacks the personal touch and attention to detail that travel agents provide. By handling the research and planning, you can allow your clients to focus on other aspects of their lives while ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Automation in the travel industry can’t protect clients from travel disasters

Automation in the travel industry is useful in streamlining booking processes, but it falls short when it comes to addressing potential travel disasters. That’s where travel agents shine. As a travel agent, you act as a reliable guardian, protecting your clients from unforeseen pitfalls as they navigate unknown territory. You go above and beyond automated reminders by providing personalised attention and care. The best travel agents ensure that their clients meet visa deadlines, renew their passports on time, secure adequate travel insurance, and complete necessary medical checks for their destination. By actively managing these crucial details, you can provide peace of mind and protect your clients from avoidable travel mishaps.

Accommodation automation cannot replicate your invaluable, personalised advice 

While automation in the travel industry can provide vast amounts of information, it cannot replace the human connection and understanding that travel agents offer. You excel at providing personalised advice that goes beyond what can be found on search engines or through chatbots. By developing a deep understanding of your client’s preferences, you are able to suggest destinations that may not have been considered otherwise. Even the smartest algorithm isn’t a match for a personal connection with a client and the trove of ideas that follow. As a bonus, travel agents possess insider knowledge of a city’s hidden gems, trendy neighbourhoods, and local experiences. By leveraging this expertise, you can create memorable travel experiences tailored to your client’s unique preferences.

Travel agents and automation: using technology to complement your expertise 

By collaborating with partners such as Global Accommodation, you can use our accommodation booking platform, StayGlobal, to provide clients with exclusive deals, upgrades, or special amenities they would not have access to otherwise. The combination of accommodation automation, your expertise, and our platform is a winning strategy to enhance your client’s overall travel experience, offering added value and a competitive edge. In light of automation in the travel industry, it just makes sense for travel agents to leverage the technological tools available to them to ensure their clients receive exceptional service.

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