How travel agents can get the most value for their client

Last updated November 9, 2023

Experiences over things might feel like a buzz-worthy phrase, but in 2022 travel agents know that consumers understand this more than ever. With the advent of remote work, people are making the most of the free time they have. No matter the age demographic, consumers understand the importance of value for money. When it comes to booking travel experiences, travel agents are a key part in knowing how to get the best for clients.

Travelling is still an important activity

It’s a relief to know that the hospitality industry and travelling remain a major priority, as 2022 reported soaring demand for travel services.

The world said, ‘Here’s my passport, now book my flight!’

After being home for around 2 years, many clients now know that it’s the best time to prepare for that bucket-list travel excursion. What are you waiting for?

For first-time clients who don’t know where to start, to seasoned travellers who want beyond the norm, travel agents bridge the gap in a way that can’t be beaten. We’re so interconnected with technology and our daily lives that travel offers a real-time escape, a way to be offline and disconnected. When you’re so used to checking emails, attending Zoom (or in-person) meetings and being plugged in – there are few ways to really reset your mind and body.

The travel industry has been agile throughout the ongoing global events and will continue to do so. Ultimately, it’s human nature to want to explore: whether that’s a staycation in your country or a multi-destination trip is up to the individual.

Travel provides an escape and an opportunity to truly engage with life in a newfound way – an experience that is priceless.

But can I afford that?

The reality is, many people think that an incredible trip is far out of their reach. It’s so easy to assume that leisure activities aren’t attainable when you don’t have the insider knowledge available to you. When consumers talk to travel professionals, they’re able to find out that their dream trip to Rio de Janeiro that they’ve had on their bucket list is possible. In 2023, as our work schedules change, there’s more flexibility and choice and clients want a customer-centric approach to feel like they’re getting value for their money. Going the extra mile to find that niche accommodation spot or being able to offer remote working options is one way to make a consumer feel like they’ve made the right choice

However, time is of the essence and often, travel agents don’t have the time or resources to extend to fulfil every single request asked of them. This is where Global Accommodation comes in, offering real-time support, an extensive portfolio of properties and customisable options for you to share with your client. Value is being able to go above and beyond, without overloading your own schedule or wasting time.

More time means more money and more value 

Yes, clients are more discerning with their money but they also want to experience more. They want authentic adventures that feel like the benefits outweigh the overall cost. And with Global Accommodation, these benefits are front and centre for travel agents. You have a travel emergency and your client is calling you from halfway around the world? A dedicated Stay Specialist can offer prompt updates, no matter the time zone, and help offer both you and your client peace of mind. They need a new accommodation location, situated near the public transportation system but close enough to landmarks? Choose from over 930 000 properties globally – there’s something for everyone!

You have added time to work with more clients and know that any last-minute changes are handled. We’re here to add value to your services and your client’s experience. Find out more about what we can do for you in 2023 here

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